It’s a country surrounded by mountains and lakes, yet it is always calm and peaceful. So many beautiful towns, lakes and rivers that lead visitors down hills to the centre of town. Tourists can easily make their way around the Swiss mountain passes and enjoy spectacular views of Lake Bormioli. This lake has been a popular holiday spot for years.

The Alps are famous world over for being one of the highest peaks in Europe. Visitors from all corners of the globe visit this magical place to see the most breathtaking scenery. Switzerland gets its name from two words “Sgil.” which means “river” and “Luna,” meaning “moon”.

The ski slopes of Zurich are also a great attraction with dozens of slopes and plenty of other attractions too. These include walking and hiking trails, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and much more.

Of course, tourists cannot miss seeing the city of Geneva. There, they can learn about the history and famous landmarks of the Swiss capital and watch some of their favourite films, like Jaws, Jurassic Park and Love Actually.

The Swiss Confederation is located close to Italy, Germany, Austria and France yet these nations are not as well-known. They only have 5 million people, which makes this location an ideal travel destination for everyone!

In addition to that, this country sits on Lake Geneva, where there are several lakes including Lisse, Tignon and others. Another thing to be mentioned here is the fact that Geneva sits at the foot of the Alps which creates impressive landscapes.

If travelling around the cities of Geneva, Lucerne or Zug would be your priority, here is the perfect place on Earth for such a visit and you will fall in love with it.

Bucollette is just a few kilometres away from the Lake Geneva and you will find yourself right in the heart of Switzerland. You will find three towns within a walkable area. Each of them boasts gorgeous architecture, museums and a variety of shops. Here, you can browse through several streets of different buildings and get inspiration. Besides, the surrounding areas also offer fantastic panoramic view, which will give you clear ideas on what to expect during your next vacation.

You can also do tours right around the city on bicycles or bikes so you have plenty of options. Apart from that, if you want a relaxing time, don’t forget to check out this stunning region, which offers a lot of places that may intrigue you.

One final point that I suggest you take into consideration so that you can choose the best destination for your trip is the Sables-de-la-Mer River.

This river takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the mountains, but once reached, it covers almost 30 miles. In addition, there, it becomes possible to enjoy the views and the beauty it has. Many hotels and resorts around the Italian border will let you stay there for free, even if you pay for a room.

Therefore, there are many good options on this particular region and this amazing view can really help you decide which option you should choose.

In conclusion, the country is truly magical and it will certainly reward your travels. Moreover, each resort has its own charm that makes it a must visited destination throughout the year. If you think that now is the right time to go there, you are wrong and you can’t miss this area right now.

To sum up everything, I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I wish you good luck on yours.

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