The new feature will allow you to pay for gas from the driver seat of your car, which is used by one or more passengers in a vehicle. Instead of using Apple Wallet to pay for your purchases, it can be accessed through the vehicle’s display system. With this payment system, Apple will have some financial muscle. Once activated, drivers can pay for their gas with an iPhone or iPod Touch. They do not need to buy Apple AirPods. To enable the functionality, open your iPhone and choose Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Allow Siri -> App Tracking Transparency (ATT) > Enable Voice Control + Siri > Turn Off Shortcuts for this item. When driving the car, tap to turn off the voice control. In addition, set your desired fuel-economy to low. Now you will see “Hey Siri, what should my vehicle’s maximum mileage?” The answers you give here will determine whether you are going to spend the money on petrol or diesel oil. However, if there is anything more than your choice of fuel, you can select “Low/Gas” as default.

Apple CarPlay: What You Need To Know

With Apple CarPlay, users can access the device screen to make payments using whatever method they prefer. It seems to be quite convenient for those who have different devices. One feature that Apple has kept under the radar is its ability to connect all iPhones (both 4 or 5) or iPod touches (3 or 6) to the same machine, making transactions much faster and easier. This function makes many people happy, especially when their hands are full. It means that even while using other apps to manage their affairs, they have to use just their own phone to send and receive messages. If they have an iPad, then Apple CarPlay lets them access the screen of their vehicle, where they can manage their car’s functions.

The biggest advantage is that you can manage everything about your car from within your app. Not only is CarPlay also useful for navigation but it allows you to manage the music streaming, music playlists, and several settings, such as how often you drive, etc. Apple CarPlay can also be used to accept digital payments like using Apple Pay to pay at an airport, via direct deposit at the post office and even in stores. So, it is not necessary to use credit or debit cards to access and manage your online accounts, especially when using applications like Apple Pay or Google’s Pay. As we said before; Apple CarPlay was added in iOS 14 and iPhone 13 models. You can download and install Apple CarPlay support in any of your iOS 11 or above devices.

How Much Of A Mess Can We Keep On Our Phone By Using Apple CarPlay And Apple Music Nowadays, our phones have become almost omnipresent. We have been surrounded by them, in fact they are part of everyday life. Whether it is at home or while driving our cars, we leave some data about ourselves on our phones. How much of us will stay connected to our social media accounts or even our emails, all our notifications? Is Apple tracking us in any way? We don’t know yet because no company provides us with the right information. But this topic would be best covered on Reddit and Quora, so check it out. Anyway if you want to try all these features and enjoy the car, first register your Apple account on



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