By Kevin Kesseler, CEO of Hire Me Digital and JT Martin Group

If you’re a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur thinking about starting your own company, the concept of non–profit marketing is one that can be very appealing to many—and even dangerous if not taken advantage of. But for those who have the ability to get their name out there, it can also be an extremely effective way to build brand awareness so they can drive sales in multiple ways. Here are some tips that will help take your nonprofit marketing campaign to the next level.

What Is A Good Nonprofit Brand?

A good nonprofit brand should appeal to people both inside of their local community and beyond. For example, “The Bipartisan Policy Center” appeals to members of Congress (and other elected officials) to raise capital to protect Americans from foreign military interventions. This branding technique has been used by nonprofits around the world to make a lasting impact on its target audience and show how important the cause actually is. In this case, you would likely want to create a social media presence for your nonprofit or business to show off your credibility. It may not even be necessary to go all out with your Facebook page or Twitter account; just show up on their timeline enough to have them interested in what you believe in. If you have a blog—or a website, for that matter—it may not be necessary to write anything new and exciting themselves. In fact, just having a blog can make it more likely that your readers will click through. Your goal shouldn’t be to sell yourself as a company or service but instead to tell your story in a way that resonates. Take a look at what makes these companies successful. They build great products and services and people want to know why they choose to support them. Why did you choose to start your company? What do you like to do? How long have you had it since you started? All of these questions should be answered in order to gain followers and trust.

Marketing Your Cause You Don’t Want To Sell As An Add On

Whether it’s fundraising campaigns, advertising, or public relations projects, most companies that use non-profit branding aren’t doing it to pass a dollar-costs-per-lead scheme. Instead, they want to build up their reputation on their chosen causes. That means making sure that their efforts are genuine, educational, and accurate. So when creating your logo or identity, keep in mind that something is good without getting into details. Give away things that everyone wants and don’t forget to give back. That includes donations, time, or any type of assistance to your foundation. If someone goes into work to help your organization, you really want to be proud and act like it was worth it. When you see your success, it’s the opposite. Stop selling your business. Be honest with your potential customers. Do everything you can to make money, at least to avoid paying over the top. Don’t feel guilty about going above and beyond and getting out of bed every morning to make a real difference. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in social activism if you want to do so. Whether you decide that to change your focus or continue working on any of your existing passions, giving back should always be one of the goals of someone who decides to run their own company. This kind of transparency helps boost morale and keeps everyone happy. Even though the costs are far less than when running your own company, there are still benefits and growth. Many organizations prefer to go out of their way rather than be forced with expenses that come with keeping a job. And sometimes, they end up paying for things they didn’t want or need. Either way, it’s better than spending money on something that doesn’t give you any tangible results or even gives you any opportunity to learn. Find out more about your options here!

Don’t Forget To Grow Beyond The Basics

The same rules apply to social media. Spend as much time on your Instagram as possible, but don’t spend as much time uploading pictures of yourself. Don’t buy ads either. Not only is this bad for your bottom line, it’s bad for your confidence. Keep in mind that a few weeks ago you posted pictures of you holding food while standing behind a salad bar. Did your stomach grow a little bit? Maybe you were feeling slightly nauseous. That’s OK, just focus on your business and making money. No need to post more photos of your vacation on there. Remember the rule of no double posts. If you have an event coming up, make sure to share it! Let those people know about any giveaways or special offers you might have going on. Make a point of posting regular updates and always remember to respond to comments and follow up on messages like that you want to send to the person who shared that information on your feed. Being aware of these simple steps can go a long way toward maintaining strong relationships and building community.

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